About PINE

Practical Innovation Never Ending

About the Modpack

A fresh look at innovation based upon dynamic problem solving, unlike other mod packs that focus on individual mods, we've built a pack that makes you rely on multiple mods to produce and prosper. No longer will your life depend entirely upon a network for storage/crafting; in this pack you have multiple options as long as you have the wit to accomplish your feats. On a side note, this pack is greatly Tekkit Classic Inspired.

About the Server

  • CPU: E5-1650 6C/12T @ 3.1Ghz
  • Ram: 64GB
  • HDD: 2x 3TB in RAID 1 (for redundency)
  • we have a large ramdisk in use to give fastest world speed possible
  • Automated backups

About the Staff

We have both operated and played many diffrent game servers throughout the years. We make server performance and optimization our number one priority, because nobody likes playing on a laggy server.

Server Status

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Dont have our modpack yet? No problem simply copy the url below into your technic launcer and install.
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